Let’s hear it for the girls!

Did you know that March 8 is International Women’s Day? I didn’t either but it made me stop for a moment to think about all the women in my life who have made an indelible imprint. There are many strong, smart, funny, wonderful women that have helped me along the way and to each of them, I give thanks. However, as I sit in the office of the restaurant I run, I realize that the strongest influence has been that which my mother and grandmother made on my life. As a girl, I always thought my grandma had the MOST influence over my love of cooking, my desire to feed people and my love of entertaining. However, as I grew into a young woman, and then married and had a child of my own, I came to realize that my mother was the one who really showed me how to love through food.
Mom always worked. She married a man she loved with all her heart but he wasn’t the best at providing for our family. That left my mother holding the bag, so to speak, when it came to household choirs, paying the bills, taking us to church, and most importantly to me and my sister, getting wholesome meals on the table seven nights a week.
The food she cooked was never fussy, expensive, especially creative or worldly. What it was, was well-balanced, well-seasoned, seasonal and delicious. Most importantly though, it was a time for us to sit together as a family and share our day. I didn’t know then the way I do now, how much effort that took on Mom’s part. She didn’t love it the way I do, so I can only assume she did it out of obligation. But now when I make dinner with my own son I think back to how much it meant for her to come home from work, every day, without fail, and get a made-from-scratch meal on the table every night. For us. Thanks Mom, for teaching me how to love through food. And Happy International Women’s Day to you – one of the best women I know!

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  1. Thanks for your comments…I did my best and it makes my heart swell to know that it made an impression..It was due to my mom, family was always first, money was short but good food and enough for anyone who stopped over was always first… some of that came from her mom, an immigrant who raised 9 children on her own after her husband passed away very young and no help in sight.. They lived literally off the land, so fresh produce, chicken, and beef were right at hand.. Guess they believed in Farm to table before it became popular… Thank you again and I am proud of the 2 amazing women that are my daughters!!!! Enjoy the day also.

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