December has arrived!

Santa is on his way, December is here and holiday tidings are in full swing at the Hawthorn Grill!  This is such a joyous time of year and I know you have lots of things to do – gifts, decorations, entertaining, moving that pesky Elf on a Shelf nightly (or maybe that’s just me!), and holiday parties of all sorts.  It can be a little overwhelming.  Let us help – we can cater for you or you can book your holiday party here.  Just give us a call.  We still have plenty of space but slots fill up quickly!


Quick tip for entertaining:
Don’t feel like you have to make EVERYTHING!

That’s what the professionals are for and no one expects you to work that hard as a host.  If you’re having a little soiree at your house, the most important thing is to make sure your guests get to spend time with you.  That’s why they show up, after all!  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  If you have a killer cheesecake recipe, a fantastic appetizer or the best chip dip ever, make that and buy or order the rest. You can stop by your local deli department and pick up assorted olives, cheeses and crackers and display your one special dish proudly, knowing that you gave a great party and didn’t drive yourself crazy in the process!